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New Construction


… Recognized by the National Association of Realtors as certified New Home Construction and Buyer Representatives.  This provides our customers with the knowledge and expertise combined with our professional experience in building the perfect dream home.

These days it’s not enough as a consumer just to walk into a new model home center without representation and make what is generally known as the largest investment a consumer will make.  There happens to be a ton of due-diligence to be done and a prospective new home buyer needs a team mate or two; and that’s where the Hegemier Team comes in.

First off, as a buyer, you should know that we work for YOU!  However, we are paid by the builders through an agreement created by the Builder/Realtor accord.  What this means to you is that builders and consumers want this complex transaction to go as smoothly as possible…and that’s where The Hegemier Team can actually save you time and money in a new home transaction.

If you’re lucky, you can go it alone; some people do. However, if you do, make sure you are aware of how the community is funded.  Is the builder also the developer and will the community that you are buying have enough funds to complete the project?  Maybe it’s a CDD community, if so, how is the bond paid off?  How about your escrow deposit to the builder? Is it refundable if there are issues with the project?  What if the upgrades in the home add too much to the sales price and the home doesn’t appraise for your loan? What if the developer is the builder, the loan originator, the title company (and sometimes more) all within the same company?  Are you prepared to go it alone with companies with that much power?  Doesn’t that seem a little one sided that they can be all of that and still represent your interest?  Sometimes it takes more than luck.  Sometimes it takes a team.

We want you to know we are here for you.  We can help you find the perfect community that fits your needs.  We are available every step of the way from the contract to breaking ground to the closing table.  We can offer negotiating power on your behalf.  We offer choices in lenders, outside home inspectors and additional warranties on your new home. We also offer experience, knowledge and our commitment to being YOUR team mate with YOUR best interest in mind at no additional cost to you.

You owe it to yourself to do as much homework on the matter as possible!  Wait, we already did!  Call us BEFORE you go it alone for a free, no obligation, and private “Tour of Homes.”  We promise; you’ll be glad you called us first!